US Navy Dolphin hooked with Cameras
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Dolphins Hooked with Cameras by the US Navy. Scientists strapped GoPro cameras to the bodies of 6 dolphins trained by the U.S. Navy. This camera fixed for recorded their hunting for food and consuming their prey in grisly detail. The main purpose behind the potential invasion is that to learn about the Dolphins activities- basically how the mammals hunted and ate. The Camera helps to observe the behavior of Dolphins and of the live fish they capture and consume.

Dolphin hooked with Camera

Since before 1960 U.S. Navy researchers attempted to improve torpedo design by studying dolphins. From that day annually, they spent millions of Dollars to foster and train bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions. The camera has excellent low light vision power and underwater directional hearing. That’s why it helps to detect and track undersea targets, even in dark or murky waters. These cameras are fixed in Dolphin’s body and unlike these human divers; they don’t suffer from the bends. The camera also recorded the sound of the animal’s hearts as they pumped hard to keep up with the strenuous activities. The expanded inner mouth space helps create negative pressure that their sucking muscles add to.

Fishes breathe through gills, but Dolphins breathe air using their lungs that’s why Dolphins are mammals not fish.

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