RX Japan’s J AGRI Spotlights Kyushu’s Potential as a Global Livestock Farming Hub

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RX Japan, a leading trade show organizer in Japan, is turning the spotlight on Kyushu, the country’s second-largest producer of agricultural products, at the upcoming J AGRI 2024 show. Held from 22-24 May 2024 at Grandmesse Kumamoto, the event will highlight the region’s thriving dry field and livestock farming and its potential as a global hub for the industry.
Kyushu boasts a long history of animal husbandry, with favourable geographical conditions and a skilled workforce fostering a vibrant agricultural scene. The region is a major producer of pork, beef, and poultry, making it a natural fit for J AGRI, a key trade show dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements and innovations in agriculture and livestock.
Kyushu: An Agricultural Powerhouse
Despite accounting for only a fraction of Japan’s total landmass, Kyushu contributes a significant 10% to the nation’s overall GDP according to the 2019 Production Agricultural Income Statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, placing it on par with economic powerhouses like Norway and the United Arab Emirates. This economic strength is largely fuelled by its robust agricultural sector, with Kyushu accounting for about 20% of the country’s total agricultural output.
The secret to the region’s agricultural success lies in its ideal climate. The Kyushu-Okinawa region is generally warm with abundant sunshine and ample rainfall. This allows for a long cultivation period, making it suitable for a wide variety of crops.
Northern Kyushu boasts fertile paddy soil in the plains, while southern Kyushu benefits from black soil derived from volcanic ash. This black soil offers excellent breathability, drainage, and water retention, further promoting diverse agricultural development. As a result, Kyushu occupies an important position as one of Japan’s leading food bases.
Livestock farming flourishes in Kyushu, particularly in the southern regions. The prefecture is responsible for a staggering 42% of Japan’s national beef cattle production (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, 2019 Production Agricultural Income Statistics). Kyushu also leads the nation in strawberry production (35%) and sweet potato production (31%). Capitalizing on its geographical proximity to Asian countries, Kyushu is seeing rapid growth in exports of these high-quality agricultural products.
A Gateway to Global Opportunities
Given this robust agricultural foundation, Kyushu provides the perfect backdrop for J AGRI. This year’s edition offers a unique opportunity for visitors to delve deeper into the region’s thriving livestock industry. Attendees can expect to see a comprehensive display of the latest advancements in animal feed solutions, agricultural drones, smart livestock farming products, and a wide range of other related products and services.
J AGRI goes beyond static exhibits. To showcase the practical application of agricultural machinery, the event will feature a dedicated demonstration area adjacent to the venue. This large field will come alive with live demonstrations, allowing visitors to witness the latest equipment in action and gain valuable insights into its capabilities.
In a statement, a representative from RX Japan emphasized the distinct focus of the J AGRI Kyushu show compared to the J AGRI show held annually in Tokyo.
“While the Tokyo event offers a broader perspective on the entire agricultural industry, J AGRI Kyushu allows us to delve deeper into the specific strengths of the Kyushu region,” said Manami Ogawa, RX Japan Int’l Marketing Specialist at J AGRI Show Management. “The show will provide a dedicated platform for Kyushu’s livestock farmers to showcase their expertise and connect with a targeted audience of domestic and international buyers.”
J AGRI Kyushu is expected to attract over 17,000 visitors and 268 exhibitors from across Japan and overseas. This diverse group will include representatives from agricultural cooperatives, farmers, retailers, wholesalers, government bodies, municipalities, universities, research institutes, industry new entrants, and more. The event will also feature a series of informative conference sessions and dedicated networking opportunities, fostering valuable interaction and knowledge exchange between industry players.
For more information about J AGRI Kyushu and to register as a visitor for free, visit the show website at www.jagri-global.jp/hub/en-gb.html.

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