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These are questions related to private investigation agencies that humans in many instances search on Google for What People asks about Investigation Agencies in India?

What do detective agency do?

A Detective agency is a group of private investigators who works privately for money. You can hire these specialists to investigation any type of personal matters like matrimonial investigation, Divorce case investigation, physical surveillance, cheating partner investigation, you can also hire these groups for corporate matters like pre- employment investigation, post- employment investigation, assets verification and many.

How much is a private detective cost in Delhi?

Private detectives charges are always depends upon the assignment. Every Detective agency has different charges for every assignment. Charges are also depends upon the case sensitivity or how many details the client have and what is the client’s requirements. Normally detective agency charges are:

35,000 for Pre-matrimonial Verification
45,000 for Post- Matrimonial Investigation
2-3 L for loyalty test investigation
35,000 for Background Check
25,000 for Pre-Employment Check
45,000 For Post-employment Check
Above 50,000 for Debugging and bugs sweep services
80,000 for Assets Verification

These are the approx. charges of Private detective agencies in Delhi. But for smalls cities and villages price can be negotiable.

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