Tourist places in Belgium
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Now the European Union has a total of 28 countries. Belgium is situated in the west of Europe. It has four bordering countries that are Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France. It is a developed country with advanced high income economy. Belgium is a federal constitutional monarchy. The king is the head of state and the prime minister is the head of government. Belgium also is a member of NATO and the EU. This country is a tourist attractions nation. There are lots of places to be visit. All the places are important for their special quality.

Brussels is the Administrative capital of the European Union and pulls tourists from different parts of the world. The place is famous for nightlife and shopping. Bruges is a place famous for palaces and Canals. Ghent is famous for Art and Serenity, Antwerp for the Food capital of Belgium, Ardennes for the hills, forests and Adventures.

World’s most beautiful cathedrals are seen in Tournai. Dinant is famous for caves and wildlife, Leuven for best Belgian Breweries. Mons is the place called peace and Relaxation. People are coming these places for their mental peace. In Mechelen, Cruises and picnics are held due to its natural beauty. De Haan is famous for picturesque Beaches, Durbuy for Blooming Rhododendrons and poppies, Arlon for a battle scarred History, Beguinage is for a lost world made by women.

Lakes and Pine woods are in Hoge Kempen National park, unmatched scenic beauty in Knokke Heist and a shopper’s paradise in Kortrijk are the most important visiting place of Belgium. Famous Museums and Animal parks are situated in La Roche-en-Ardenne. In Zwin a birdwatcher’s Heaven is the tourist attraction point.

These are the most important visiting places of Belgium.

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