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Coffee and Tea are awesome drinks which refresh our mind, mood and tiredness. These are incredibly healthy beverages of nature. Demands of these drinks are all over the world. Coffee boosts our physical performance, may help to lose weight, burn fat, focus and stay alert, reduces risk of cancers and also reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease. Tata Coffee, one of India’s largest Coffee producers, is now buy Coffee beans grown by tribal’s in Odisha’s Koraput district.

Koraput Coffee beans got a market across the country and abroad while Tata company deal to purchase the product. The Coffee farmers will prove beneficial and their socio-economic condition will improve and their living standard grow due to this deal says Odisha’s Chief Minister Naveen Pattanaik. Tata Company is one of India’s largest Coffee producers. The new purchase deal involving Tata Coffee is likely to give confidence to tribal Coffee growers for continuing their beverage plantation. Near about 32 MT Coffee has been procured in 1st stage from farmers. Earlier farmers had sold the product at Rs. 150-160/kg to private parties. But now they purchasing it at Rs. 200/kg. So they are getting 30 to 40 rupees per kg. Now the Coffee is selling on Amazon. Koraput Coffee natural means there is no chemical in it.

According to the TDCCOL (Tribal Development Co-operative Corporation of Odisha) Arabica Coffee beans grown in Kashipur, Dasmantpur, Laxmtaput, potangi, Koraput and Nandpur blocks in Koraput. And this year, around 28 thousand 790 kg of Coffee beans was procured from 193 tribal farmers. TDCCOL started selling Koraput Coffee in 2019 through Adisha. Tata company collect Koraput Coffee beans tested and confirmed it. As a result the company wants to purchases Koraput coffee to provide it a proper market in our country as well as abroad. Coffee crop was introduced about 90 years ago in Koraput.  

Koraput is a district of southwestern Odisha state situated in eastern India. Koraput district covers an area of 8807 sq km consisting total 13,79,647 population as per 2011 census. The district has got 2 sub-divisions- Koraput & Jaypore. It’s beautiful natural hilly terrain, rich & diverse types of mineral deposits and its tribal culture and tradition make a special place in Odisha tourism.

It is a hill ranges at a hight of 2,000-3,000 ft above sea level. Agriculture and forest is the main occupation or main stay of the economy of the Koraput district. The soil & climatic condition of the district is favorable for producing coffee, cotton, tobacco, cashew, vegetable and fruits. And these productions strengthen the economy of the Koraput district

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