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The paper and the ink were invented by the Chinese in 100 A.D. They basically produced the paper from the bark of the mulberry tree & the ink from the lamp black. The Chinese kept to the world to the paper. After invention of the paper and ink the ink the Chinese and Koreans basically tried to develop the printing system. They also developed the wooden black printing system. In 16 th  & 18 th  A.D. it also believed that a “Diamond Sutra” was the 1 st  printing aterial of the world develops by the Chinese. Now it also placed in the national library of Chain. After that a Chinese
pinching also develop the wooden black printing system. In the middle of 11 th  century, but it was not mechanical. So, it hadn’t gone the success of the advance printing machine.

In the wooden black printing system the Chinese basically carved the Chinese letters & characters in rivers or relief on wooden black. Then spread the ranged surface of the block with ink & pressing the paper on it. The ink was made from a mixture of lampblack & raisin of gum. But the world entered the age of develops printing system in the middle of
15 th  century, when Goldsmith Zohan Gutten Burge 1 st  setup his printing machine in Mainz, German. Then the era of modern printing started through books were the oldest print medium but by their very nature of dependency on literacy for remained a medium for the elite for centuries. Gutten Burges mechine involves the free exchange of ideas and the spread of knowledge. The printing word was a carries of information, news, stories was popular in Chain, orea, Japan- a thousand years ago. Till the 16 th  century, it was not popular in European countries.

The processes of the printing of the Gutten’s machines where:

  1. Moveable Metallic Types.
  2. Screw type of printing press
  3. Ink drunk from paint, dye and other substances.
  4. The printing surface which was higher than the non-printing surface.
    And the contact with the paper was direct. This technology was
    called really printing.

The printing pages were identical. The pages of the books also reproduced. It surprises the people. They thought that was black magic. The technological language was not understood by the common people. Only rich people were literate at that time. So, the printing technology was not spread to everyone. To remove the fear of the black magic of the people publishers consented in the beginning in the printing of Bible & other religious books of that time. After some years went, one of the inventions of printing press new technology used for it and the printing press modify
and got a good look.

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