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Magnus Group has immense pleasure in inviting you to its “International Conference on Cell & Stem Cell Research” Stem Cells 2022 which is scheduled to take place during September 16-17, 2022 as a hybrid event with both in-person version at Paris, France and virtual version.
For more info: https://stemcells.magnusconferences.com/
The worldwide conference will deliberate on the theme “Expanding stem cell lines through novel approaches.”
Over time the realms of molecular biological research have been harnessed in terms of concepts and approaches through innovative molecular approaches which has rapidly evolved and shaped the field of cell and stem cell research. The conference format includes keynote presentations, plenary talks by junior and senior researchers, oral and poster presentations, informal scientific discussions which will foster open communication and multidisciplinary collaboration between established researchers and trainees that will sustain this critical and rapidly evolving field of stem cells and cell biology. Participants can explore new ways to influence Stem Cell technology. The event provides a unique venue for knowledge transfer and for Stem Cell’s existing or planned applications. The meeting will enhance awareness about Stem Cell technology and promote novel research on cell and stem cell research whilst updating the conference goers with the recent trends and latest innovations.

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