International Academic Conference on Food Safety

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In academic conferences researchers are used to bring together with common interests and discuss
issues related to a particular subject. This is a formal event in which scientists or researchers present the
results of their study. An academic conference is an event during which researchers, scholars and
students present and discuss their scholarly work and ideas relating to a specific topic of their research.
When you will attend conferences you meet the best influencers. These conferences are important
avenues for researchers to discuss and share their findings and expand their knowledge.

Food safety is used as a discipline to handling, storing and preparing of food in ways that prevent food-
borne illness. It also helps to make sure that our food keeps enough nutrients for us to have a healthy
diet. Food borne illnesses are a major threat in the world. That’s why the main objective of food safety is
to protect consumers of food products from food borne diseases. To get healthy life we need healthy
food. Some important keys to healthy and safe food are: Keep clean, cook thoroughly, separate raw and
cooked, keep food at appropriate temperatures and use safe water and raw materials. According to FDA
you should keep the refrigerator temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The Food Science and Food
Safety is becoming very well abroad in countries like Asia pacific, Middle East Africa, South America and
North America and Europe. To promote food safety and consumer protection every time food protection
conferences are organizing in the world. International conference on Food Microbiology, conference on
Food Safety, Quality and policy, conference on Drug Safety, Conference on advances in Health and
Medical Science
etc. are some important topic of the upcoming conferences on Aquaculture 2023.

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