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Magnus Group is thrilled to invite you to its “Global Conference on Geology and Earth Science” (GEOLOGY 2022) which will be conducted in a hybrid format at Paris, France and virtually on September 19-20, 2022.
The congress will be focused on the theme “Global View of Down-To-Earth Geological Advancements for Reaching Sustainable Goals.”
As our natural world continues to suffer from the effects of climate change and ecosystems struggle to meet the demands of modern life, it’s more vital than ever to keep track of changes and understand how the Earth operates as a system. The global summit brings together scientists, researchers, geologists, earth science experts, engineers and policymakers from around the world to present and discuss the most recent results in Geology and Earth science and technological developments in related domains. We aim that Geology 2022 brings together a varied range of research and case studies from around the world in plenary talks, keynote sessions, symposiums, oral and poster sessions, as well as providing numerous networking and collaboration possibilities. At this leading conference, learn about the most recent developments and issues in the area. We encourage you to join us in our mission to create a world that is sustainable for everybody.
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