Climate change
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Climate change is a big issue in all over world. So first we have to know that what climate change is. Generally Climate change means the change in the pattern of weather globally. It related changes in oceans, land surfaces and ice sheets occurring over time scales of decades or longer. Climate changes also means changes the temperature, humidity, wind, rainfall of atmosphere, it is over hours or weeks.

Climate changes means increase of global temperature, wind patterns, seas are raising, ocean acidification is increasing, precipitation, generally seasons are uncertain etc. There are approximately 5 types of climate on Earth.  These are: Tropical, Dry, Temperate, Continental and Polar.

Tropical Climate: When monthly average temperatures of 18 degree C or higher year round and feature hot temperatures feel in an environment that is called Tropical Climate. Normally there are two seasons in tropical climates- one is wet season and another is dry seasons. In tropical climate the annual temperature range is very small.

Dry Climate: Low rainfall basically the major factor for day climate. We can say Low and unpredictable precipitation is the primary characteristic of a dry climate. Basically desert areas are included in this category where precipitation averages less than 35cm (14 inches) per year and some deserts have years with no rainfall at all. All time the air is very dry in dry climate.

Temperate Climate: In this climate there are no extremes of temperature and precipitation. Temperate climate generally means environments with moderate rainfall spread across the year. There are two types of temperate climate- one is Maritime and another is continental.

Continental Climate: It is very hot summer and cold winters. This type of climate dominates the central parts of Asia, North America, and giant share of Europe, northern Ukraine, Finland and northern Sweden.

Polar Climate: It consists of cold areas. In this climate sun shines never fall. It means lack of warm summers, which results glaciers, treeless tundra are created. This type of climate is found at the very top of the earth, it means near Canada, Greenland and Siberia.

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