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Magnus Group takes immense pleasure in announcing its premier event “Euro Global Conference on Recycling and Waste Management” (Recycling 2022) which will be hosted in a hybrid manner at Paris, France and virtually during the month of September from 19-20, 2022
The congress will move forward with its unique theme “Re-TRACE: Re-Inventing Tomorrow through Recycling Advancements and Carbon Efficiency.”
Delegates from around 52 nations will attend congress and take part in plenary talks, keynote sessions, panel discussions, oral and poster sessions. Our goal is to provide solutions, important contacts, and beneficial networking opportunities to the attendees. The importance of recycling and waste management to the economy, environment, and society cannot be overstated. Recycling and waste management generates much-needed employment and investment while reducing environmental effects. Recycling 2022 advocates for a smart regulatory framework that promotes waste management and its recycling across the globe and the recycling industry’s competitiveness. Expert speakers, researchers, academicians, scientists, educators, environmentalists, recycling specialists and industry representatives from around the world will present existing and future technologies for extracting maximum value from waste.
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