All the ministers of Andhra Pradesh cabinet resigned
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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Reddy’s entire cabinet has resigned today. However, the resignation of all ministers before the 2024 elections has been hotly debated in state politics. Twenty-four ministers of Jagan’s team resigned after the cabinet meeting. Jagan has taken this step with a view to a major change in the cabinet. Now Jagan will reshuffle the cabinet. The cabinet was due to reshuffle last December, but it was postponed for Covid. So one or two of the resigned ministers may get a chance again. The new cabinet is expected to bring representatives from 26 districts of Andhra Pradesh.

“After the 2019 election victory, justice will be done on the basis of race, religion and gender,” he said. When he came to power, Reddy elected five chief ministers. Among them were a Scheduled Caste, a Scheduled Tribe, a Backward Class, a Kapu Caste and a Muslim community. There were also 3 women in the cabinet. He was the Home Minister from the oppressed. So there is talk of a repeat of the same structure. Retired ministers, on the other hand, may have greater responsibilities in the party’s organizational structure.

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