Queen Elizabeth II
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After King Charles ascends the throne, many things related to Britain and the lives of British people are going to change. This includes items such as national anthems, money, notes, postal stamps, postboxes, and passports. As a result of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the names of various institutions throughout the United Kingdom and Commonwealth will also be changed. In place of Queen Elizabeth II’s photo, now King Charles III’s photo will be seen in various symbols of the country.

Queen Elizabeth II

This change will be seen in the currencies of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries starting from the Eastern Caribbean. The money and bank notes of the United Kingdom and some other countries will now have a portrait of King Charles. According to a report published in The Guardian, there are currently 4.5 billion sterling bank notes in circulation, which contain a photo of Queen Elizabeth II. Its total cost is 80 billion Euros. It will take about two years to change it in the face of the new emperor. Recently, new synthetic notes of 50 Euros were issued, so it took 16 months for the Bank of England to take back the old notes and issue new notes.

Princes Charles

When Maharani Singhson ascended in 1952, her photo was not printed on bank notes. This position was changed in 1960. When Elizabeth II’s face was introduced on bank notes designed by designer Robert Austin, the euro symbol was placed on the note. There was a heated discussion about this. Some of Canada’s $20 notes, some New Zealand rupees, and the Central Bank of the Eastern Caribbean and some other Commonwealth countries feature the Queen’s face.

Similarly, the national anthem of Great Britain will be changed to God Save the King instead of God Save the Queen. God Save the Queen was sung as the national anthem from 1952, because after the death of King George, Queen Elizabeth II became Queen and reined on the throne until September 8, 2022. In this way, after 70 years, a man is going to take over the throne of Britain. It is also the national song of New Zealand.

The wording on the inside cover of the British passport will also be changed, because it is issued in the name of the Crown. On the inside, it reads, ‘The Secretary of State on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen requests that the holder of the passport may travel exclusively without hindrance’. In the same way, all kinds of help, protection should be given to those who need it. New Zealand, Australia, Canada’s passports are also written like this. The head of state is now addressed as The King instead of The Queen in ceremonial ceremonies.

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