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Academic conferences are places where many academics, students and researchers test their ideas and present papers of their research work and receive feedback from their colleague. In academic conferences researchers are gather together with a meeting to hear about the latest developments in a research area. Academic conferences are organized in a time frame. Academic conference can be held on almost any topic with many sizes. It is a one day or multiday event, in which researchers present their work to each other. In academic conferences researchers are gather together with a meeting to hear about the latest developments in a research area. In these platform students, researchers and the scholars to for a successful conference some features are important. Research is a process of systematic inquiry that includes collection of data, analysis of that data, documentation of critical information and use suitable methodologies set by academic disciplines.

Health is wealth. For better health we take equinity food. Food safety prevents food borne illness and injury.  It refers to routines in the preparation, handling and storage of food. To safe and healthy food some key points are important like keep clean, cool thoroughly and keep food at safe temperatures, safe water and raw materials and separate raw and cooked food. Food safety means knowing: How to buy, prepare and store food? How to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria? How to safe our life from food borne illnesses?

The food safety and food science is becoming very well abroad in countries like Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa. For more information we can attend conferences, events, seminars etc related to food safety which is organized in all over the world every time. International conferences on food technology, agriculture and fisheries, food and agricultural engineering, food microbiology and food safety, food, agriculture and bio-technology are some upcoming conferences about this topic.

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